Your University Personal Assistant

Rodney is built for students, faculty, and staff.
With Rodney, you don’t have to log into multiple systems
anymore to get information and process requests. Just ask Rodney,
and he will take care of it for you.

Rodney uses the power of AI-based NLP to
understand what you need, and connect you to any
on-prem or cloud application.



Artificial Intelligence

The more you use him, the smarter he gets.
Not only does he understand what users are saying,
he can also recommend other services
you may need, based on the context.

Powerful Integration

Connect him to any on-prem or cloud system using Near3 Integration Platform.
He can pull information or process any transaction
based on your request.



Customize & Configure

Rodney, out of the box, has many skills. However, his
most powerful feature is his ability to learn
any new skill to help your audience.


 Security & Authentication

Security is in Rodney’s DNA. The Near3 Platform is
built on enterprise security best practices.
For authentication, Rodney uses your
enterprise identity provider.



Unified UX

Rodney is fun and interactive. More importantly, he’s
built with cutting edge technology. We have designed him to get
smarter while keeping the focus on your current and
changing needs.

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